Senate Majority Leader McConnell blocked the bill for the additional $2K stimulus check for the third time; falsely branding it as “socialism for the rich.” It’s as if he thinks that the millions of Americans who have been closely following the fate of the bill, since he is overlooking the fact that only those who earn up to $75k and below yearly, are qualified to receive the stimulus checks.

Even at the Lower House level, Texas Republican Representative Kevin Brady who voted against the passing of the stand-alone stimulus bill had added insult to injury in saying that

”Nothing in the bill will help anybody get back to work.”


Obviously, the Republican Congressman has a poor esteem of the American people. Apparently, Rep. Brady maintains a view that the millions of unemployed are simply content with government dole outs, rather than seriously look for jobs. What Rep. Brady is overlooking is that there are not enough employment opportunities available to the continuously increasing number of Americans who are out of work, which to date is still growing by hundreds of thousands.

While many businesses have received millions in financial grants to help keep their operations afloat. Rep. Brady doesn’t seem to understand that not enough revenues are coming because there are not enough consumers who can afford to spend on more than just basic necessities. Not a few, do not even have enough money to spend on food, as the number of people lining up at food banks have also reached millions.

Actually, even the heads of families in the middle class sector are also at risk of losing their jobs, this despite the Payment Protection Program of the previous CARES Act. The reality is that even if the government pours millions into businesses, unemployment continues to rise due to the ongoing pandemic. Not a few have taken out a covid 19 relief personal loan, as there are fintech lenders willing to extend such loans to eligible borrowers even if they have lost their regular source of income

Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell is greatly mistaken if he thinks that the additional $2K will enrich millions of unemployed, low-income American citizens.

Number of Unemployed Americans has Reached 20.4 Million

The U.S. Labor of Department keeps track of the number of jobless Americans by monitoring the number of people filing and claiming unemployment benefits. It recently reported that 20.4 million Americans have done so as of Dec. 5, 2020.

In fact the Labor Department has been seeing a consistent rise in numbers of first-time filers for unemployment benefit during the month of December. The only improvement seen this week is that the number of new filers for unemployment benefits was 803,000 and not 888,000 as had been anticipated by the government agency.

It’s high time for Republican senators who are opposed to the $2K stimulus check should broaden their views instead of clouding their perceptions with their political interests. Its ironic that after giving their full support to Donald Trump, many Republican senators are for the first time, standing up against Trump’s request to provide greater financial help to the American people.