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Ways To Help Increase Your Net Worth

In terms of finances, you might be focused on various numbers such as your savings account, checking account, retirement account and your trading and investing accounts. Or you might be concentrated on your credit card debts, mortgage, or student loan, not to mention your income and your expenses. These numbers are all vital in order to better understand your financial health as a whole. However, one particular number will determine how successful and fruitful you are when it comes to building your future assets, this is your net worth.

Net Worth – What Is It?

Net worth is the difference of the worth of what you own, for instance your house, investment accounts, or retirement funds, minus certain liabilities such as credit card debts and mortgage. Your net worth is a crucial number as this could aid in determining how much your liabilities and/or debts can influence your wealth in the future and underscore the areas you need to concentrate on prior to your retirement.

Individuals with high net worth represent only under 1% of the total population of the world. However, when their wealth is combined, this would account for over 40% of the total wealth of the world.

A high-net-worth individual or HNWI is an individual or a household that has liquid assets that goes over a particular figure, typically $1 million and over. The term HNWI is usually used in the industry of financial services. While there isn’t any accurate definition as to how wealthy a person should be to be included in this category, in general, high net worth is quoted with reference to liquid assets of a certain figure. But the precise amount would differ from one financial institution to another but can span from individuals with a net wealth that is 6- to 7- or figures or more.

Ways To Increase Your Net Worth

If you want to calculate your net worth, you need to look into and count up everything that you own which includes your assets in your 401(k) and investments. Create a separate list and add up of all your outstanding balances that you owe. Deduct the total amount of your outstanding balances from the total value of everything that you own. The difference will be your net worth.

So, were you pleasantly astonished by your net worth or were you expecting it to be a bit higher? Don’t fret as there are some things that you could do to grow your net worth.


Have a comprehensive look at and asses all your liabilities. Know how much owe you every month and check if there are liabilities that you could reduce or perhaps eliminate. Cutting down your debts could greatly help in growing your net worth.


You may know what assets you have, but not know how much they are worth combined. Review all of your assets to get an estimate amount. Your major assets would be your primary residence, vacation home/s and/or rental properties, your investments as well as valuable collectibles or collections.


The less your expenses are, the more wealth you can amass in net worth. Do a budget review to see your current expenditures and check where you can trim down your expenses, whether big or small. For instance, cancelling magazine subscriptions or getting rid of one or two cars if you have multiple as this will greatly cut down your expenses on car payments.


Settling your mortgage the soonest possible time will definitely increase your net worth as this is one of the biggest liabilities.

When it comes to growing your net worth, it is about making use of an effective and efficient strategy which is designed to tackle every area of your financial plan. By formulating a strategy and making it work altogether, you could steadily increase your net worth.

What’s Wrong with Robinhood: FTC Reports Growing Complaints vs. the Company

The Federal Trade Commission reported there has been an outpouring of complaints filed by users of Robinhood’s investment app since January 24 to February 02. Many aired complaints about not being allowed to convert their holdings into cash; preventing them from transferring to other brokerage firms. More than a hundred complaints were related to the way the company handles concerns being communicated to customer service support.

Still, despite the numerous complaints filed against Robinhood, this company still managed to gain approximately 600,000 new customers in the past week. This info was based on the number of people who downloaded the Robinhood app, whilst signing up as new members. According to a post, the company’s venture capital investors are still backing Robinhood because number of new users definitely surpassed the numbers of those who stopped using Robinhood’s financial services.

Still, several legislators and users accuse Robinhood of manipulating the market by partnering with hedge funds managers that short sell stocks. Yet the company defended that the decision to suspend the recent GameStop buying spree was made based on the need to limit the buy activities in accordance with the capital requirement of Game Stop; and not due to requests made by financial market makers.

SEC Investigations Saw Robinhood Pay $65 Million in Civil Penalty

In a related news last week, the SEC disclosed that in order to work out the allegations of the Securities and Exchange Commission, Robinhood agreed to pay $65 million as civil penalty. The federal agency claimed that in several instances, Robinhood failed to divulge payments received from trading firms to whom the company traded user data. According to the SEC, Robinhood was also filed for not doing its duty of finding the best available terms in executing customer orders.

The SEC settlement was made after William F. Galvin, a top Massachusetts securities regulator, accused Robinhood of violating a state law that prohibits the use of aggressive tactics in luring inexperienced investors. Galvin also mentioned that Robinhood gamified their mobile application to encourage repetitive use of their app and of their service. The financial services company rejected such accusations.

Common Issues Raised with Customer Service

Most of the complaints sent to FTC were about imposed trading limits similar to what happened with GameStop. Complaints also cited users’ annoyance with Robinhood’s poor customer service. User complaints expressed frustrations over customer support whenever they raise issues about limited trading options and hacked accounts.

Not a few users told FTC about their inability to withdraw their money or to trade stock; but they can still deposit money if there is a need. The general consensus is that there is very little chance that the company’s customer service will respond to a a complaint, even after sending multiple emails.

Robinhood’s Response to Customer Service Complaints

Robinhood responded that they recently hired hundreds of registered financial representatives; boasting that last year, they beefed up customer support team by three times. The company claims they did so after learning that their users were already more than 13 million.

The financial services company contends that users can reach them by phone on a case to case basis, but the company considers emails as the best way to communicate problems.

Collection Of Debt – Things To Do To Follow-up Late Payments

Collection of debt is common in just about each business that operates since this one of the components of the business and corporate landscape. Today, the economy is tough and this could mean that customers may be having a difficult time than usual in paying their debts. When invoices begin to pile up and are not getting paid, it may be a good time and wise decision to to hire the service of a professional collection agency to provide help in the collection of debt or in getting these debts paid.

Collection of Debt – What To Do

Collection agencies are professionals in business to business (B2B) debt collection. Similar to any industry, there’re right and wrong approaches to carry out debt collections. While hiring an expert collection agency is one good approach to get those debts paid, there are other things you can first try. Below are a few:

Prepare Yourself Mentally

Expect customers who are late in their payments to have all sorts of excuses. It is crucial that you prepare yourself mentally and that you need to be friendly yet remain professional and firm. If you don’t prepare yourself, customers may take advantage of this and walk all over you. If negotiating isn’t your strong suit, delegate the task to a person in  your company who can handle this.

Follow-up Unpaid Invoices

A lot of entrepreneurs tolerate customers who are late or delayed in settling their debts, probably because they want to avoid any confrontation, don’t want to offend anyone or perhaps are just very busy and preoccupied to track all receivables. First thing you have to do is to make time to review at least one day in a week all your receivables using your accounting software. Afterwards, establish and stick to a system that will help you make a follow-up on debts that are 3 days late, 1 week late, 15 days late, 30 days late and 45 days late.

Send a Reminder Letter

Letters, whether by post or email, are a mannerly way to give customers a reminder of debt payments that they might have unnoticed and overlooked. Since it is in letter form, customers won’t take this reminder personally or in a negative light.  But, do remember that sending reminders have to be done several days prior the due date. Make a generic letter for you to be able to use in every situation.

Give Them a Call

If you haven’t received the payment or haven’t heard from your customer after 30 days, give them a call as phone calls are much harder to disregard and ignore compared to letters. In numerous circumstances, when customers or clients are phoned, they usually let the cat out of the bag, revealing why they aren’t able to pay their dues.

Car Accident Laws: Pres-Elect Biden Allowed the Law to Work Despite His Tragic Loss

In every write-up about President-elect Joe Biden’s background, there’s alway a mention of the car crash that took away the lives of his first wife and daughter. The sad part about the story is that the results of the investigation declared the truck driver not at fault, and was cleared of any responsibility related to the car crash. It just goes to show that in car crash incidents, the related laws and guiding principles serve as bases in determining who is at fault if to pinpoint who will be held responsible for the resulting injuries and damages.

Apparently, Mr. Biden was unable to claim settlement from the truck driver’s insurance company because the police report stated that Mrs. Neilia Biden had run through a stop signal. There was a possibility that she was distracted by the two young boys Beau and Hunter. Yet it also made us realize that even from the early years of his political career, Mr. Biden didn’t use his political position to influence the results of the investigations.

Considering also that the president-elect had first worked as an attorney before shifting to a political career, his knowledge and understanding of the law overcame his misgivings about the real cause of the accident. Mr. Biden though, rarely spoke about the details of the incident, not even about the reasons why he had accused the truck driver of DUI at the time of the accident. As it was, there were also reports that Mr. Biden later apologized to the truck driver’s daughter for having made an unsubstantiated claim.

What Exactly are the Guiding Principles of Car Accident Laws?

Car accident laws are the legal rules followed in determining who is at fault in causing the resulting bodily injuries and property damage of a traffic collision or car crash.

This law is governed by first and foremost the principles of negligence. They apply as deciding factors for personal injury claims and possible critical litigation of the person responsible for causing the injuries and damages.

However, in order to make a legal claim, all state laws require the plaintiff or the victim/s of the car crash to show proof of the following:

1.  That the driver at fault was negligent in obeying road rules and in operating the vehicle in right manner;

2.  That there was breach in performing a civic duty, a lawful action or to fulfill a legal obligation;

3.  That there were actual injuries suffered as a result of the accident and that they did not exist prior to the car collision.

4.  That the negligent conduct and breach in performance had caused harm or damage to property that also directly or indirectly caused personal injury.

Costs of Lawsuits Can Become Financially Burdensome

However, the costs of obtaining all evidence present additional financial burden on the part of the plaintiff, while still in the midst of claiming compensation in a court of law. In cases where the plaintiff encounters financial difficulty during court proceedings or while awaiting judgment of the case, a pre settlement lawsuit loan can provide a solution.

Lawsuit loans are financial support provided by pre settlement lending companies as a form of cash advance backed by the potential collection of the personal injury settlement being claimed by the plaintiff. It is given under a no-recourse agreement, which means if the court judgment denies the plaintiff’s claim for compensation, the pre settlement firm will not enforce collection of payment. To learn more about pre settlement lawsuit loans, how it works and what are required, readers can find more information via this web address: .

Online Betting – Its Contribution To The US Economy

A lot of people enjoy gambling on soccer (football) games and where many constantly look for new means or channels to wager. With the multiplicity of sports betting websites now playing in the market paying out sizable amounts of money, getting on the wagon might be your opportunity to win big.

Wagering On Judi Bola

To better chances of winning, one of the many ways that bettors do is to participate in Asian gambling sites such as those from Indonesia and Thailand. You could place your wagers as you would on your usual soccer gambling site (or even more) by looking for a reliable and trusted Indonesian gambling site that offer Judi Bola. Again, similar to other sports betting sites, you will have to sign up for you to create an account, be able to make a deposit and begin to take part of the action in the Asian gambling market. Judi Bola, to put it simply, is an Indonesian term for football (soccer) gambling.

As majority of online gambling websites in Indonesia allow wagers on national as well as international matches, including Judi Bola, you have an extensive range of options when looking for the best and most suitable football games to wager on.

Online Betting – Its Contribution To Local Economies

In recent years, increasingly more nations are starting to welcome and accept the idea of regulating the gambling industry, which reflects the shifting attitudes of some countries towards the gambling sector wherein the activity was previously forbidden.

BetInvest, one of the top provider of technology solutions to the gaming as well as sports betting industry, believes that the shift is because of the numerous economic benefits the gambling industry offers on the local as well as national level. While it may take a long and arduous journey for the gambling/betting industry to achieve global acceptance, it is certain the countries with legalize sports betting and online casino gambling do benefit from it economically.

With the emergence of the online gambling structure, its framework is much different compared to land-based betting channels since legalize online betting interacts with the economy of a country with not much intensity. However, this doesn’t mean that the economy doesn’t benefit from it.

Before the PASPA was repealed, it was reported by government statistics that 150 billion US dollars was being spent on betting yearly where only 3% of that amount was spent in betting facilities that are legal. Because of the absence or lack of local sportsbooks and betting facilities, players in the US had to find another form of entertainment. This then made online betting a very popular alternative. Repealing the prohibition signified that putting a stop on this form of entertainment that many people find exciting isn’t possible.

By the end of the year 2018, outcome of the PASPA repeal was evident as the now legalized betting business provided the country 430 million US dollars in taxes as well as contributing about $3.4 billion annually to the economy of the US.

A Quick Look at Biden’s Plans for Rehabilitating the U.S. Economy

While the incoming administration’s immediate priority is to address the COVID-19 pandemic, Pres-Elect Biden also vows to rehabilitate the country’s economy.

During his 4-year term as President of the U.S., Mr. Biden plans to encourage American manufacturers to produce products “made in all of America”. The incoming president’s goal is to make sure there will be an increased observance of the “Buy American” rule among local consumers. That way domestic manufacturing in the country will in turn result in the creation of more production jobs for U.S. citizens.

How Does Future President Biden Plan to Carry Out “Made in All of America” Scheme

Part of President-elect Biden’s plans for the economy includes adding a 10% tax on U.S. firms with overseas manufacturing affairs. This is to discourage and counter potential loopholes that make it possible for multinational US firms to conceal from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) their actual profits from offshore operations. As an incentive, the new POTUS will recommend proposals in helping local businesses reinforce their operations by being rewarded with a 10% tax credit.

However, with all the President-elect’s plans for the country, such as major investments for restoring the country’s collapsing infrastructure and improving the education system, the Biden administration will require a substantial amount of federal funding in order to achieve such goals. One of the main considerations is to increase taxes imposed on well-off American citizens, as this would offset the $1.5 trillion tax savings that the wealthy sector enjoys through the Trump administration’s introduction of tax cuts for the country’s billionaires.

Moreover, as American manufacturers strive to produce 100% Made in America products, commitment to this program will reduce if not eliminate the demand for Chinese raw materials, components and spare parts. If this plan succeeds, there will be no complaint about the huge gap between U.S. and China Trade. Mainly because the U.S. will no longer be buying more Chinese products than what China buys from the U.S.

Still, financial analysts and trade experts cite certain drawbacks that will make it difficult for the Biden administration to achieve such goals. Since they are still plans, they need legislations to which Congressional approval depends if the Democratic Party will take away majority control of the Senate House from the Republicans.

During Trump’s term, the Republicans maintained majority control, which Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnel exploited by blocking if not voting down nearly all House Democratic proposals passed on to the Senate. In fact such actions earned him the moniker “Grim Reaper” of which McConnell took pride as a title. .

Businesses Might Clamor for the Immediate Rollback of Tariffs Imposed by Trump on Chinese Imports

According to trade experts, while the president-elect may be tied to his Made In America pledge, he will also be forced to lift Trump’s tariffs on Chinese goods. Doing so will remove a leverage that President Biden could use in negotiating trade concessions with China. While the policies to support the Made in America program is still in the pipeline, or at worst blocked by the Senate Grim Reaper, local manufacturers and business could clamor for the reversal of the tariffs as they are additional costs being borne by US importers.

Economy – why people have to do business

People depend on a lot of things to survive. Since prehistoric times, people have been making shelter, tools, and clothes. Most of these goods are not sufficient. Their production takes time that cannot then be used for other activities or not available in sufficient quantities in order to meet the needs of the people.

Self-sufficient people even would be forced to make economic decisions as a result of this scarcity. This is why has been popular.


What is the subject of economics?

Economics deals with the problem of scarcity from a macroeconomic perspective. The most important sub-areas are micro and macroeconomics.

Microeconomics analyzes the behavior of individual private households or companies. It examines economic decision-making – for example using utility functions, whereby a striving for the greatest possible benefit or profit is assumed – and their effect on macroeconomic relationships.

Macroeconomics combines the individual economic subjects into whole sectors such as “private households”, “companies”, “state”, and “abroad”. It deals with macroeconomic relationships and variables, such as the total demand of all households, employment, or national income.

Because of the close proximity of economics, which used to be referred to as economics, to political issues, it has repeatedly drawn great thinkers from science, politics, and moral philosophy under its spell over the past centuries.


What does the history of economics show?

The economic theories can often only be understood if one takes into account the specific social issues that economists have addressed from the late 17th century to the present day.

Since the beginning of economics, the most diverse economic ideas and models have been devoted to solving the problem of scarcity. The history of their origins is closely linked to the prevailing political, social, and economic conditions. Dealing with specific problems gave decisive impulses for the further development of economics and influenced practical action through new findings and suggestions for solving the problem of scarcity.

Why is the market not coping with unemployment?

The reasons for this lie in the behavior of companies and consumers. The classical economists had assumed that the wage rate regulates supply and demand on the labor market, while the interest rate matches the investments of companies with the savings necessary for financing.

Maximizing the Features and Benefits of Your Checking Account

If you are playing in an online casino like BandarQQ, you can use your checking account to make withdrawal and deposits. Aside from that, you can use it in other applications too such as paying bills, accessing cash, transferring money and many more. It doesn’t matter if you are setting up a direct deposit for your job or paying tuition at school, being able to learn tips to assist you in managing your money and getting the most out of your account is going to be a big help.

Setting Up Direct Deposit

Among the simplest ways of getting the best from your checking account is by setting up a direct deposit to it. This is basically the safest and fastest way of depositing money straight into your bank account. Probably, your employer offered this service to you and will ask you to register for it. Obviously, you can still make deposits using an ATM, a teller, account transfer or through online banking.

Open an Online Banking Account

As you enroll to online banking, this means that you’ll be able to keep track of your accounts which include the following information:

  • Transaction history
  • Current balance

You can do these things by just logging in. Mobile banking additionally helps in doing the same in your tablet or smartphone.

Furthermore, as you opt to bank online, you can conveniently pay bills, order checks, track spending, set travel and alert flags, manage your account from literally everywhere and everything in between.

Use Your Debit Card

With the presence of a debit card, you’ll be able to have access to your checking account securely and safely without dealing with the hassle of checks or cash. You may make use of your debit card at hundreds or thousands of different locations all over the globe. These include places that do not take checks similar to online merchants.

Debit cards may be used at ATMs for making withdrawals, deposits and transfers between accounts and this will not work with digital wallets. With the availability of a debit card, your withdrawals and purchases are directly deducted from your checking account. Debit cards are also offering security in the event that your card is either stolen or lost or if there’s fraud transactions that occurred.

Easily Move Money between Different Accounts

Say for example that you have savings and checking account in the same bank, transferring money between these accounts are going to be easy.

Many Gig Workers in a Limbo, as Talks on 4th Stimulus Stalled

While negotiations over the 4th coronavirus relief package have stalled, the gig workers are hurting the most, as many have since been living their lives in a limbo. Although Trump signed an executive order for extending the direct payment unemployment check, the order reduced the financial aid down to $400, out of which only $300 will be delivered as direct assistance to American citizens. The $100 dollar difference will go to state coffers as supplementary funding for their respective Corona Relief Fund.

Moreover, Trump’s executive orders (EOs) only caused the talks to drag longer. making the Republicans less enthusiastic since the EOs give the appearance that some legal assistance is already in place. Notwithstanding that Trump’s executive mandates are unconstitutional because in effect, he is bypassing the required congressional approval.

Besides, there are other unaddressed issues that need resolutions, particularly the plight of gig workers and their eligibility, or rather ineligibility, to receive state unemployment benefits.

Although the CARES Act’s Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC) aimed to include the self-employed, the freelance and gig workers as recipients of state unemployment benefits up to December 2020. As it is, many of these groups of workers have been disqualified due to their lack of capabilities to meet state requirements.

In most states, applicants for unemployment insurance benefits must have earned enough wages during a specific base period of employment. Clearly, how gig workers and the like, can qualify for state unemployment benefits is an issue that lawmakers need to tackle in extending the PEUC.


What Exactly are State Unemployment Benefits and How are They Funded?

Unemployment benefits are actually the financial assistance that employed citizens of a particular state can claim, when they become involuntarily unemployed. However, persons who become unemployed must not have caused the reason/s for the loss of work. Moreover, they must meet certain eligibility requirements stipulated under the laws of the state granting administrating the unemployment insurance program.

Unemployment benefits are derived from the unemployment insurance trust fund that is financed through payroll taxes paid by employers as Federal Unemployment Tax Act (FUTA) This payroll tax, is due on the first $7,000 of a workers’ earnings to be remitted as insurance coverage for state workers in case of involuntary unemployment.

In the event the state unemployment insurance funds are not enough, state governments can draw from the state reserves; and if still not enough, a state government can borrow from the federal fund. Currently, several state governments still have outstanding federal loans used in funding the unemployment benefits of laid off workers.

Self-employed, freelance and gig workers do not have the protection of the unemployment insurance fund but were given special privilege under the PEUC. Still, their occupation has placed them in a situation where they are unable to meet some state eligibility requirements.

Understanding Market Balance In Forex Trading

In economics, the simplest model to explain a free, competitive market is that of supply and demand . The price of merchandise is fixed at the point where the amount of demand equals the amount on offer – the market balance.

Who is the best person to guide you on understanding the market balance? Forex brokers are skilled with great analytical thinking. They can help you understand this concept. If you are a beginner in Forex trading, it is then important to choose your broker wisely by doing a simple Forex broker compare.

Understanding Supply and Demand

Let us assume that you are on the way to shopping. You need apples and there is only one apple dealer who stocks just the right amount of apples. They negotiate, agree on a price and carry out the exchange: an agreed amount of apples for an agreed amount of currency. You and the seller have successfully completed a deal in which both parties have achieved their desired goal.

The next day, you plan to buy the same amount of apples again, but you find two apple sellers selling identical apples, each with the amount of apples they need. This means an excess supply , the demand for apples is lower than the supply. There is competition between the two sellers, both of which reduce the price, assuming that they will buy the cheaper apples. A new, lower market price will level off and they will thank the free market for the fact that their nature made their purchase cheaper.

Alternatively, they could go to the market with a friend who plans to buy the same amount of the same apples and instead generate excess demand. The seller would find that he could drive up the price of his apples, since you and your friend will buy all the apples anyway and still don’t have enough afterwards.

This is the multiplication table of economics. It is absolutely essential that you as a prospective trader understand this simple connection, because it is the basis for the Forex market and the price determination on the stock exchanges in general. From here on, the level of complexity of the relationships increases exponentially.

The basic example with the apple market can also be applied to the foreign exchange market:

  • Every time a particular currency is bought, there is a small amount of excess demand, which increases the price / rate.
  • Likewise, selling currency leads to excess supply, which lowers the price / rate.

The impact of a single such shift is determined by the trading volume of the transaction – for example, weighty traders such as national banks can cause a serious imbalance if they change the volume of their national currency. On the other hand, smaller traders such as private traders can only influence the market balance individually to a small extent – but their large number in turn gives them greater, combined influence.

The philosophy of price balancing , based on supply and demand, is a key component in the functioning of forex trading and the stock exchange. All economic events that occur in the world are relevant to the market in only one way: to what extent they influence (possibly planned) supply and demand of an asset.

Going back to the apple market. if one of the two apple sellers has to leave the market due to bankruptcy, for example, they can expect apple prices to rise.

How Serious the Financial Market Breakdown because of Covid-19?

The severity of damage brought by Covid-19 will be based on how fast the virus would be contained, the measures that authorities are taking in containing it and to how much economic support the government will deploy.

In fact, the early indications of the impact of Covid-19 on Chinese market and economy as a whole were worse than what is initially expected. Surveys of services and manufacturing sector have plunged to an all time low late in February, the sales in automobile industry plummeted to 80% and export dropped to 17.2% in the first quarter of the year. With this negative impact in the economy as a whole, many of the Chinese investors and market were considering lån uten kredittsjekk 20 år anmeldelse.

Though according to official reports have confirmed that the widespread slowdown in economics have foreshadowed low levels of pollution as well as depressed shipping traffic among several informal barometers.

Most Vulnerable Sectors and Economies

The outbreak of Covid-19 shocked demand and supply which reverberated not just in China, but in world’s economy. One of the major economies that were impacted outside China are:

  • Japan
  • Australia and;
  • South Korea

The major European economies are likely to suffer from dislocations as the countries begin to adapt to restrictive responses and the continuous spread of the virus. All of this is done with an effort to curb all manufacturing activities at regional hubs which include Northern Italy.

Because of depressed activities, the UN is projecting that the flow of foreign direct investments may fall anywhere between 5 to 15 percent to its lowest rate since the financial crisis of 2008 and 2009.

How is the Financial Market Impacted by Economic Slowdown?

With the fear of an even broader and farther outbreak along with its economic impact, to various financial markets and not to mention, international indices are closing to bear market spectrum, declining at around 20% as investors are processing the low corporate earnings that’ll be brought by the virus. As a matter of fact, S&P 500 have fallen to 7% in opening of the March 9 session which have triggered a “circuit breaker”; otherwise known as the brief suspension of trading for the first time since the session of 1997.  All in all, the index is down by around 17% after hitting a record high back on February.

Just one thing is for certain, the longer the virus is out and continuously spreads, the more company and economies will be impacted.

How Proactive Entrepreneurs Thrive Amidst COVID-19

While it has been common to read news about businesses shutting down and losing revenue, it’s also inspiring to read about those that are thriving.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) had announced early on that the spread of novel coronavirus outbreak in the country is imminent; and that it was only a question of when it will happen. Many proactive business entrepreneurs took stock of their mitigation plans and immediately devised alternative plans.

While others waited and held on to hopes that the novel coronavirus crisis will just be another case of SARS, H1N1 or Ebola that did not greatly affect the country. One thing that many people had overlooked was that the country’s current president does not believe in making decisions based on scientific information.

In local governments like those in the San Francisco Bay Area, public health officials supported by public health experts in their communities, declared the need to put their regions under lockdown to prevent the spread of the contagion. To which, mayors and later, governors did their part by supporting their public health official’s call for a lockdown. Not a few entrepreneurs realized too late that a lockdown also meant shutting down of businesses engaged in providing or trading nonessential goods and services.

Nonetheless, some others lost no time in making changes or taking proactive steps to keep their business afloat in the midst of the global pandemic.

Proactive Steps Taken by Entrepreneurs Who Continue to Thrive During the Health Crisis

Some took note of how China’s neighboring countries were dealing with the outbreak, and what small businesses were doing in order to face the challenges they were facing.

Most business organizations in countries like Malaysia and Singapore, immediately appealed to landlords of commercial properties, to defer collection of rental payments in light of their diminished capacity to generate sales. Many commercial space renters in the U.S. put forward the same appeal to their landlords and property managers in preparation for the inevitable.

Other American businesses took to improving and enhancing their online stores and delivery services. Some others were quick to devise plans that entailed shifting to products regarded as highly usable during a pandemic, such as hand sanitizers, alcohol and disinfectants.


Instead of making car stain removers, one entrepreneur shifted to manufacturing alcohol and hand sanitizers. Another example is one where production of visors and caps halted to give way to the production of face masks.

Many developers were quick to release new educational and other child-friendly apps designed to keep children as schools were the firsts to close down. Not a few, simply applied financial management strategies hand in hand with the principles of crisis management in running their business.

COVID 19 Shocked World Economy

As the new coronavirus infection (Corona19) spreads to various countries, it is paralyzing the global economy, raising concerns about the global economic downturn. According to Bloomberg News on the 13th, China, the United States, Japan, Germany, France, and Italy due to the infliction of Corona 19. These major countries are not doing well, and it is possible to record negative economic growth.

China is already being evaluated for the first time in the first quarter of this year due to the impact of Corona 19, and the United States, according to a study by the Bloomberg Economic Analysis Team, said that the probability of ending the 11-year expansion is 53%.

COVID-19 uncertainty: A virus-weakened global economy

The United States and the European Union (EU) faced the “clear potential” of the recession due to the Coronavirus spreading not just the infection but fear among many investors. The financial market could face the possibility of stagnation. 

Larry Summers, a former US Treasury Secretary, said that Corona 19 could be the most serious crisis of the century, with an 80 percent chance that the United States will be in a recession. The US investment bank BOA lowered its forecast for world economic growth this week to 2.2% from the previous 2.8%.

Wall Street believes the world economy should grow by more than 3.5% in the long run.

“The panic panic continues to spread, which will lead to a global economic downturn,” said Ed Jardeni, chief executive of investment advisory firm Jardeni Research.

JP Morgan said to its clients this week that the risk of a global economic downturn “is materializing,” to regain economic vitality, with the end of Corona 19, more aggressive and creative responses from policymakers, corporate hiring, and financial support from banks is necessary.

Indeed, policymakers around the world are actively responding by providing $ 130 billion in financial and financial support measures related to Corona19 including personal loans (LooseLending personal loans), but it is not enough to revive the contracted demand.

The Federal Reserve (Fed), the central bank of the United States, cut urgency rates on the 3rd, but has not been able to restore market confidence, and is under pressure to cut interest rates again the week before the scheduled monetary policy meeting.

The European Central Bank (ECB) has also released comprehensive support measures to expand liquidity on the market this week, but it has not calmed the market’s anxiety.

Singapore DBS Bank’s Senior Timer Bagim Economist says that although many economic figures have yet to show the serious impact of Corona 19, it can be more serious than the financial crisis. The Corona 19 is shrinking economic activity in many channels, including consumers and businesses.

Dramatic Drop In Prices Due To Coronavirus – Trading On Wall Street Had Been Suspended

The coronavirus is burdening the economy. After bad news from the auto industry, an industry association is now making a bitter forecast.

Investor’s panic that taken the world over the virus corona impacted Canadian stocks (including the best Canadian dividend stocks) as well as the loonie after having a second person tested positive in Toronto. Leaders of the world are suddenly coming together to take necessary measures against Coronavirus. Bankruptcies should be prevented as a result of this sudden outbreak. In order to contain the economic consequences of the Corona epidemic, the leaders of the grand coalition in Germany have agreed to make short-time benefits easier. For example, the social security contributions are to be fully reimbursed by the Federal Employment Agency, as the coalition committee decided on Monday night.

How the coronavirus might affect the global economy

Within the framework of ordinance authorizations, the conditions for receiving short-time work benefits are to be facilitated and benefits are to be expanded. In addition to the reimbursement of social contributions, this includes reducing the quorum of the workforce affected by lost work to up to ten percent, as stated in the declaration of the coalition leaders. So far, the threshold has been at least a third. In addition, short-time work benefits should also be available from temporary workers.

“As a result of the corona crisis, as far as possible no company in Germany should go bankrupt and no job should be lost,” emphasized the leaders of the Union and SPD. They referred to the “proven funding instruments” available to the companies concerned. At the same time, the coalition leaders assured, should the situation worsen, “we want to be able to react quickly and precisely”.

A Bitter Forecast – A Possible Slide Into A Recession

While the Federal Association of German Industry warns clearly of a recession in Germany, the German catering and hotel industry is demanding state aid due to severe business losses as a result of the coronavirus. Many industries had been severely affected by the coronavirus epidemic and something has to be done to save the people and their livelihood.

Given the massive consequences for the economy from the coronavirus, the industry sees the danger of a recession in Germany increasing considerably. “Economic growth is almost at a standstill,” says a quarterly report from the Federal Association of German Industry (BDI). If there is no economic normalization in the countries affected by the corona epidemic in the second quarter, the BDI expects economic output in Germany to decline for the year as a whole.

According to the IMF, the economic downturn is not yet foreseeable

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is also lowering its forecast for global economic growth this year due to the virus. Growth will be lower in 2020 than in the previous year, said IMF chief Kristalina Georgieva. How much the economy will decline is not yet foreseeable at the moment. In January the IMF had forecast an increase of 3.3 percent for 2020. The IMF plans to provide an updated forecast next month.

The BDI is now calling on the federal government to act. In the coalition, economic policy measures would have to be agreed quickly and, if possible, decided before Easter. A suggestion from the BDI is easier short-time work. “Germany must not slide into a recession with eyesight,” warns the association.

Meanwhile, the US Congress has agreed on a billion-dollar package to fight the coronavirus. Republicans and Democrats decided to fund emergency measures against the epidemic with a total of $ 8.3 billion. For US President Donald Trump, the coronavirus is currently the biggest enemy.

The Coronavirus Epidemic Impacts Global Economy

Bavaria’s Prime Minister and CSU boss Markus Söder expect drastic consequences for the global economy due to the global spread of the coronavirus. “Corona as a global phenomenon could have a similar effect to the financial crisis,” said the 53-year-old to Munich’s Merkur. There is currently no answer to the threat of a recession, “but I’m already worried and vigilant.” Especially for the strongly export-oriented economy – like in Bavaria – the virus is the next big test after the trade dispute between China and the USA and Brexit.

Senator Warren Leads Calls for SEC to Investigate Possible Insider Trading of Defense Firms’ Stocks

Days before Trump’s order to launch the drones that killed Gen. Qasem Soleimani was carried out, the U.S. president was reportedly dropping hints to his Mar-a-Lago guests that “something big was about to happen in Iran.”

In separate reports following the killing of the Iranian general, the stock market reported that while a range of major indices showed a sharp decline in stock market performance, there was a corollary surge in the trading of defense stocks.

Stock market analysts noted that contrary to historical trends, defense stock trading usually doubles within six months after a critical Middle East event had transpired. Yet a week after the so-called big Iran-event that Trump hinted to his Florida resort guests, trading immediately saw stocks of aerospace and defense weapons companies taking palce vigorously.

Did Mar-a-Lago Guests Benefit from Trump’s Hints

Now, Democratic Senators Elizabeth Warren and Chris Van Hollen, are calling on the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to investigate if Trump’s Mar-a-Lago hints to his guests, prompted the massive trading of defense stocks; on whether the Mar-a-Lago guests are among those who benefited from the strong trading of defense stocks a few days after Trump’s Iran order was carried out.

In a letter which the Democratic presidential contender addressed to the SEC and the Commodities Futures Chairmen, she and Senator Van Hollen called for an investigation to determine if President Trump’s handling of sensitive and classified national security information did not result to insider trading.

Sen. Chris Van Hollen, D-Maryland is a prominent member of a Senate subcommittee overseeing investments and securities.

Is Bitcoin Harbinger of Good News?

Back in the days, only few people thought of Bitcoin. But now, it is starting to make a huge impact in the world as a whole. Alongside this is the number of people who want to learn to use bitcoin trading bot to take advantage of the trend that’s happening.

News surrounding Bitcoin and all other blockchain and cryptocurrencies are followed by the millions. From private companies, banks, investors and even the government, they seemed to show genuine interest in such. Whether seeking a way to become rich or warning for a possibility crypto bubble, most people are accepting Bitcoin to have a major impact on a nation’s economy.

In the next lines, you are going to learn how cryptocurrencies are affecting an economy and whether it is good or bad.

Goodbye Middlemen

Among the main features for using Bitcoin is the fact that it does not need intermediary similar to what a conventional currency does. Instead, of a bank or central institution to validate the transaction, users of currency are verifying it in decentralized manner.

This has actually made countless banks worried for cryptocurrencies are eliminating their service. Due to the reason that they do not need to pass through several parties, transactions can be done quickly and faster.

Separating Transactions from Native Currencies

For the sake of this subject, let us focus on US dollar which acts as reserve currency for world’s economy and the mainstream option for doing financial transactions. That’s the major source of power that America has and it too has enabled US and other nations to place economic sanctions among other countries.

Transactions involving cryptocurrency however do not need US connections. Because it’s providing financial actors a method to take part in global economy and navigate through US economic policies.

Lifting Barriers to Entry

Cryptocurrencies have empowered entrepreneurs as well in bypassing the traditional routes of raising funds for blockchain and crypto-related businesses. Instead of persuading the entrepreneurs as well as banks to invest in their project, they could actually bypass this regulation via ICO or Initial Coin Offering.

Basically, ICO is almost the same with initial public offering, to which a company is offering shares in the company for best possible time. Truth is, numerous countries began putting restrictions on ICOs for one, no Securities Exchange Commissions are regulating it. The fact that this method of fundraising approach receives so much attention, it shows that it is quite disruptive.

Commercial Loans And Financing

If you are getting started with or growing your business, you may possibly require funds. Think carefully about the kind of financing to take as it may impact your cash flow and tax obligations.

Considerations before taking out a loan:

  • decide exactly how much funds you will require
  • create a reasonable business plan
  • look into the time schedule you will have to pay back the loan
  • ascertain your capability to pay back the loan

Forms of Finance

There are two primary forms of finance which any business can take. A business is not limited to only one type of financing but can actually take advantage of the two forms of financing.

  • Debt finance – funds obtained from alternative loan providers, like a bank.
  • Equity finance – making an investment with your own asset or cash from any other stakeholders.

Where to get the funding you need?

The main options for debt financing are financial institutions such as banks and credit unions. Funding could be offered as a loan, an overdraft, and a line of credit.

  • Retailers and suppliers are a good source of store credit. While some retailers can trust you by providing you a line of credit, retailers also route it through a finance company through store cards. Nonetheless, store cards have high-interest rates but there are retailers who offer a period of free interest which any business can take advantage of.
  • Factor Companies or debtor finance is also a good avenue to look at. Factoring means selling its invoices or accounts receivables to third party finance or in this case a factoring company. This allows a business to get the cash they need without having to wait for the period of customer payments. Therefore, customer payments will directly be credited to the factoring company. The fee that comes with this service varies from company to company. It is then crucial to do some basic comparison in terms of fees before deciding on a factory company and getting into a contract.
  • Invoice financing is generally similar to factoring. The difference is in the customer payments which is directly credited to the business instead of the company that provided financing. In this case, customers are not involved and are not aware of the arrangement between the business owner and the financer.
  • Peer to peer lending is another source of funds that you can consider. This matches people in need of money to people who have money to invest. Funds loaned out will have to be paid in a specific time period along with interest rates. Note that interest rates will vary depending on the risk involved.
  • Before looking for funding sources outside, it would be nice to look for funding sources within your circle of family and friends. If a family member or a friend decides to lend you the funds you need, make sure that everything is placed in writing to avoid possible conflicts in the future.

On a side note, if you are a business and facing litigation due to personal injury, you have access to pre-settlement loans. If you are facing a car accident lawsuit, you have access to car accident loans. This is a type of funding drawn against the expected amount you get from a pending case. This is also known as lawsuit loans, car accident loans, and litigation loans. While there are many terms referring to this type of loan, note that this loan is essentially not a loan but works more like a cash advance.

Financing Yourself Through Affiliate Marketing

Being self employed through affiliate marketing is the best option. Getting started on it only requires low overhead and do not need an individual to create, store or distribute products. Payment method for affiliate marketers are achieved by referral system of new clients to other types of products or services. These are the hypes of creating your own business through affiliate marketing.

Getting into the real world of Affiliate Marketing

Many so-called affiliate specialists and get-rich-quick schemes are the predominant dilemmas within the affiliate marketing industry. However, it is good to understand from the very start that financial acquisition via affiliate marketing is verified on an individuals dedication, consistency, and analysis on the chosen products or services.

Financial gain does not really depend on the fact that affiliate marketing is a reasonable income choice. Instead, what really matters is the way you can allow affiliate marketing applicable for you.

Ways to be successful in the field of Affiliate Marketing

Here are helpful tips for you to consider in case you want to engage yourself in affiliate marketing. These can guide you in your decision making if committing for an affiliate marketing plan is really applicable for your financial goals.

1. Studying the background and origin of affiliate marketing

It is advisable that you should know all the relevant information regarding affiliate marketing. Moreover, it is also good if you would search for successful businesses and product brands as well as well-known personalities within the industry.

2. Test the products yourself

Buying the products that you want to market is a good option as you can able try it yourself. This can let you to personally testify to the product quality. Quality is the key as you will be assessed by products and services that you are offering and promoting. So, it is really recommendable to give emphasis on the quality of the brand that you choose to promote and not just only on its possible earnings.

3. Know and analyse each affiliate program

Prior to engaging yourself in an affiliate marketing program that you choose to join with, it is much better to search and study about it first. Better to understand their method of joining, marketing mechanism, and mode of payment. It is also be good if you could look for reviews for you to be guided by the experiences of other affiliate marketers. For example, you want to join the Affiliate Institute, you will see that there are various reviews about it. Browsing the web, you will see such reviews and Deadline News has a good review of them.

4. Create a blog

Making a blog or other channels via the social media can help you to promote the affiliate links effectively. Be careful in choosing the items that you would like to market as it should complement with both your niche and blog content.

5. Monitor the status of your affiliate program

In case you are utilizing various programs or other types of ads, it is helpful to monitor the status of each of those.

Moody Analytics Foresees A Global Recession in the Next 12 to 18 Months

Mark Zandi, Moody’s Chief Economist warns that the possibility of a recession transpiring in the next 12 to 18 months is uncomfortably high. He opines that the reality of a recession will happen if things do not turn out as planned.

According to the Moody analyst, a recession can be avoided if president Donald Trump does not escalate the tariff war with China, and if the UK arrives at a favorable solution to Brexit. Mr. Zandi also factors in the ability of central banks to maintain monetary stimulus. Still, he foresees that even if a recession does not occur, he predicts that the global economy will be much weaker, since he doubts if policymakers will be able to alter the current trend.

Although other economists do not agree with Mr. Zandi’s prediction about a forthcoming recession, they acknowledge the likely possibility of having a devitalized economy.

According to Professor Eswar Prasad of Cornell University, relying on consumer spending alone is not a sustainable condition. It has helped support growth in various economies but also faltered in other sectors. The professor stated that the key to economic growth is a set of policies aimed at reviving business and consumer confidence in order to boost investments.

Current Trend of Economic Activities in the U.S.

A recent poll conducted by revealed that in the United States, most Americans have not actually recovered from the blows dealt by the 2008-2009 Great Recession. The latter event left many American households with fewer reasons to celebrate.’s Sr. Economic Analyst, Mark Hamrick, said they found out that tens of millions of Americans are still struggling to even go back to their previous condition before the economy went south and took a turn for the worse.

Their latest survey showed that more than half of the American adults who went through the Great Recession said they experienced some kind of adverse financial impact. To which half of them said that they are even doing worse now, compared to how they were before the financial crisis of the previous decade took place

Such findings can be supported by the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) data that shows more than half of American households today are without emergency savings.

Correspondingly, the U.S. Commerce Department came out with a report indicating that consumer retail spending fell for the first time since February of this year. Although August retail-spends went up by 0.6%, September saw a 0.3% drop; providing a clear sign that at present, the U.S. is experiencing slow economic growth.

Affected by the 0.3% slash in household spending are the online retailers, sellers of building materials and automobile dealers. According to the report, the decline in retail spending became apparent in February.

Reduce Financial Stress as an Aging Worker by Taking Advantage of One’s Equity on a Property

Taking out a mortgage under equity release arrangement has become increasingly popular among Britons. Although many do so as a means to supplement their retirement funds, others simply need additional funds for other important reasons. At age 55, retirement is still ten years away and will be a year farther away in 2020 for those currently under age 55.

Actually the UK government is bent on pushing the retirement age further to age 67 by 2028 and to age 68 by 2046. As it is, The Centre for Social Justice (CSJ), a think tank founded by Tory MP Iain Duncan Smith, a former minister for work and pensions, recommends furthering the retirement age to as late as age 75 in the next fifteen (15) years.

That way, the UK government can save an estimated £182 billion a year by making Britons work, way until their mid-70s, instead of retiring and claiming their state pension. That is despite the fact that compared to other developed countries, the British government grants the lowest state pension; just roughly about 16% of the earnings gained by Britons during work.

At present, the new UK full state pension is pegged at £168.60 a week, albeit still dependent on a pensioner’s national insurance contributions. A full pension amount requires at least 35 years of national insurance contributions. Eligibility for even a partial pension requires national insurance contributions for at least ten (10) years.

Most Britons Resort to Releasing Equity on Their Property Upon Eligibility

That is why taking advantage of money locked in one’s property by age 55 or above is a solution most Britons consider.

Since their body is starting to age and weaken, they can at least slow down with economic activities to avoid hastening the deterioration of their physical condition. After all, equity releases under UK lending conditions come with a no-negative equity guarantee. This provision ensures that even if the amount borrowed doubles or exceeds the appraised value of the property at the time the obligation is settled, the heirs or beneficiaries of a deceased senior borrower will not be burdened with unpaid debts.

Cashing out the value of one’s equity on a property before the official age of retirement appears to be more practical than waiting for pensions that will take a long time to come. The amount that can be borrowed via an equity release mortgage can be determined using an equity release calculator in the UK websites of financial specialists.

The Equity Release Council reported that during the second quarter of this year, as much as £971 million in equity release mortgages were availed by qualified older British adults.

Based on a report published by the UK National Statistics Office for the Centre for Ageing and Demography, and covering the years 2015 to 2017, the most recent estimations of life expectancy among older people in the UK is up to 79.2 years among males and 82.9 years among females.

If this life expectancy trend continues when the official retirement age is at 75 years, male retirees will collect only about 5 years of pension that cost him 35 years of contributions. Older female workers retiring at age 75, will be able to claim at least 8 years of pension.

That is why Baroness Ros Altman, who is herself a former minister of work and pensions, brands the proposal to increase the retirement age to 75, as “chilling and immoral.” She deems that increasing the pension age to 75 will lead to a shortening of life expectancy, particularly among disadvantaged British subjects. In all probability, many will not even reach age 75 to enjoy their hard-earned pensions.

How Is Crypto Trading And Stock Exchange Different?

BitSeven is a highly developed platform for cryptocurrency exchange and trading on the market for cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and Ripple. At present, digital currencies possess a market capitalization of approximately 300 billion US dollars with the possibility in the close future to reach 10 trillion US dollars. Presently, there are more than a thousand digital currencies as well as an ceaseless quantity of crypto tokens.

The quick growth progression of cryptocurrencies has caught the attention of traders around the globe. But, cryptocurrency trading is different from the usual processes of investment like stock exchange. How do they differ and what can one expect when getting under way with cryptocurrency trading?

Crypto Trading and Traditional Stock Exchange – How do they differ?

With the usual exchanges, it could be tough to start trading as there are numerous stumbling blocks with sizeable amounts of paperwork as well as related costs prior to carrying out the initial trade. And even this entire work and process is done, it will be a long-term course to earn a profit which would necessitate a preliminary capital for items like margin fees and trading fees. Additionally, a substantial effort is needed for the assessment of newscasts, business models, global and local indicators and trends in economics and politics, like hints of an economic crisis or recession.

On the other hand, one could delve into cryptocurrency trading with as low as $100 worth of digital currencies which would permit one to make the most of a market that is frequently volatile compared to the usual regulated finance, however that offers more chances to gain better and bigger profits. Volatility of the crypto market has two sides wherein it offers in equal gauge the possibility for profits and losses.

Starting with Crypto Trading is Easier

As mentioned, to begin trading utilizing fiat exchange, there are a lot of paperwork to be done because of traditional finance remaining to be an industry that is extremely regulated worldwide. Companies the offer services for trading necessitate a substantial quantity of info and at times even a declaration of a status being a “professional investor”, wherein it totes up additional cost as well as delay.

Currently, the crypto market is primarily unregulated. Requirements also differ from one country to another, but at present there is no clear global regulations that are standardized and best practices. Nonetheless, this is shifting. For now, it is simpler to begin with crypto trading, not merely because of a lesser capital needed to see some profits, but also because the paperwork to begin trading is frequently easier, simpler as well as time saving with no need for go-betweens like brokers.

The Cryptocurrency market is turning out to be progressively more mature and is more flexible compared to fiat exchanges. And since there are increasingly more tools for crypto trading, the digital currency market will turn into a more constructive substitute to conventional finance.

The Hype Of Creating Your Own Business

It is without a doubt that the value of money is fastly increasing in today’s market. Commodity prices are increasing and every expenditure is taking a toll on everyone’s budget. Times are quickly changing and people should too in order to adapt. In a modern generation where this is the evident scenario, people are becoming more and more mindful on the idea of creating their own businesses, but where does a person really begin and how can he even start something big from just a mere idea?

Three Start-Ups to Get Your Business Idea Going

To start everything off, you should have a clear idea of what business type do you want to venture on. There are a lot of business types and even subtypes to go along so it is very important to discern a clear picture of how you want to go about your idea of a business. By knowing so you are now creating an initial step on how you can put up this business and have ample time to weigh its probable ups and downs.

After doing the former stated, you can now decide on the structure your business should go about, it is very wise to depend and consider things on your capital, how big you want the business to be, its offices, the manpower and all the other costings that will fall under creating it. Being realistic is the best attitude to accompany this step. Small-business loans for bad credit can also be a good consideration.

After completing these two steps, it can now be the perfect time to make that business plan and go about every detail of your business, you can now have the clearest picture on how feasible your idea is and how soon can you get it done. Planning includes the team you need to build, and all other requirements and workload needed to achieve the start of your business

Social And Economic Benefits Of Government Loans

Lending companies offer individuals loans or funding for different uses, such as for business startup, household and home improvements, debt consolidation, schooling, personal use, or for paying off unanticipated outlays. For instance, the American Pride Legal Funding offers loans for automobile accident settlements, which is one of the most typical types of personal injury settlement loan. This type of loan could be really helpful for individuals who don’t have readily available funds for such unforeseen event since approval and issuance is fast.

Benefits Of Government Loans

Aside from banks and private lending companies, the government as well provides lending programs across various departments that aid and assist communities, individuals, as well as businesses corresponding to their distinctive financial needs. These programs provide funds for those who may not be eligible to take out a loan in the market. Loan programs by the government are intended for the long-term welfare, socially and economically. This is to:

  • Make better the overall economy of the nation as well as the quality of living of its people
  • Foster innovation, modernization and entrepreneurship
  • Deliver defense and security against as well as assistance from disasters
  • Transcend the human capital of the nation
  • Reward or compensate veterans including their dependents for the contributions they have given in the past as well as to support them with their current needs

Small scale businesses and individuals with insufficient to zero capital or guarantee might realize that the terms for a market-rate loan is too expensive. Government loans that are low-cost try to fill this gap, which permits benefits that are longstanding for both the receivers and the country.

Government Loans – What Are They And How Do They Work?

Both the borrower and the government benefit from government loans. As the government provides capital or funds to borrowers who require it, the original capital or funds lent by the government is repaid with interest.

Government loans may possibly be financed by the government or not, however the government secures or guarantees each and every government loan. As the government finances a loan, it makes available the loan capital. This cash stems from taxpayers. When a loan is simply secured by the government, it essentially cosigns with the person, community, or business borrowing on funds financed by specified lenders such as private banks or enterprises that are government-sponsored. This denotes that if a repayment for a loan is defaulted by the end-borrower, lenders have to be repaid by the government.

Subsidized loans are loans that a go-between, or somebody besides the end-borrower, pays the loan interest for a set time contingent on the kind of loan. This third-party could be the government, established and known charity organizations or institutions. On behalf of the individual who borrowed the money, these third-parties will have to pay to the lender the loan interest for a fixed period. For a government-subsidized loan, it is typically the state or national government that provides the subsidy. Loans that are unsubsidized necessitate the borrower to pay the entire interest charges, from the first day the loan was issued.

Trump Softens 10% Tariff Threat in Response to China’s Suspension of US Procurements and Yuan Devaluation

Unable to stand the economic pressure created by China’s counter-offensive of suspending the country’s procurement of US agricultural products, president Trump softens a bit by modifying coverage of the 10% tariff and by moving effectivity date to December 2019.

Typical of Donald Trump, he proclaims that the move is his way of making the new 10% tariff irrelevant to Christmas; and not as an acknowledgment that his tariff bullying against China has no effect.

Unlike Beijing’s claim that China can sustain its projected economic growth for 2019, despite yuan devaluation, Trump cannot offer similar assurances to the U.S. farmers who stand to lose its 4th largest buyer of farm products. In fact the yuan devaluation can even backfire and destroy Trump’s vision of collecting billions in additional taxes on Chinese goods that will enter the U.S.

China’s yuan devaluation actually brought down the exchange rate between U.S. and Chinese currencies: USD1 : CNY 7. The devaluation means it will only cost US importers only around USD 1 to buy every CNY 7 worth of Chinese goods. That being the case, the lowered value practically offsets whatever additional tariffs they have to pay on importation of Chinese goods come September 01 and December 01, 2019.

E en if the 10% tariff pushes through, U.S. importers of Chinese goods therefore, will not pay heavy tariffs that they subsequently pass on to retailers, and eventually to consumers.

Splitting of Goods in Deferment of September 01, 2019 10% Tariff to December 15, 2019

In trying to put a brave front, POTUS Trump still intends to impose the 10% tariff by September 01, 2019 but not on all Chinese goods as previously planned.

The September effectivity will be imposed on imported various agricultural products, clothes, footwear, kitchenware and antiques. According to Bloomberg News, the total value of which is around USD110 billion.

An estimated $2 billion worth of China-made products such as bibles and shipping containers will be eliminated from the list of goods subject to the impending 10% tariff imposition.

The bigger lot that includes electronic items like smartphones and laptops as well as children’s toys, which Bloomberg estimated as worth USD160 billion, will be subject to the 10% tariff after December 15, 2019.

Modifications on Trump’s chaotic tariff policies are still subject to the outcome of another round of talks being set up by U.S. negotiators with Chinese trade officials. Although Trump claims that Beijing wants to renegotiate for a better deal, Commerce and Foreign Ministries at Beijing’s end is not responding to faxes seeking confirmation of Trump’s current claim. .

Personal Loan To Refinance Existing Debts

Personal loans are one of the many ways that allow you to consolidate various debts. Personal loans usually have higher rates of interest compared to secured loans but they are lower compared to credit card interest rates. On the hand, you can get the best personal loan to consolidate your loan through specialized lending institutions versus traditional banks and it also depends on a number of factors. One of which is your credit standing.

What is a debt consolidation loan?

Debt consolidation is obtaining a new loan for the purpose of paying out smaller loans, debts, or bills. Debt consolidation allows a person to successfully bring all of these financial obligations together as one combined loan, therefore, having only one payment per month.

Why get a debt consolidation loan?

People get a debt consolidation loan for a number of reasons. The top reasons for consolidating loans are as follows:

  • Easier loan management
  • Predictable fixed repayments
  • Monthly repayments become lower

Debt consolidation also allows solopreneurs to start fresh thus consolidation is part of financial planning towards a successful new business.

The way debt consolidation loans work

For example, you currently have $20,000 in credit card debt from four different accounts. Your minimum payment on all of them is at $800 every month. Getting a personal loan of $20,000 allows you to pay off your existing credit card debts and may have you paying a lower monthly repayment.

The Ideal Debt Consolidation Loan

The best debt consolidation loan provides the following:

  • lower interest rate compared to the average rate on a standard debt consolidation
  • lower monthly payment compared to the total of the consolidated debts
  • enough to meet your goals in debt consolidation

How Debt Consolidation Loans are Released

Once you are given a standard debt consolidation loan, the lending company either makes use of the money to pay the financial obligations you both agree to pay, or the lending company may deposit the money in your current bank account. The responsibility of paying off the debts will be on you.

Regardless of whether a consolidating your loan is best for you eventually is determined by numerous points together with your financial objectives, your credit rating, and if you abide by a budget. Do not enter a consolidation loan as being a crutch for making life less difficult just for the time being.

Consumer Credit – Is It Good For The Economy?

Consumer loan, also termed as consumer credit or consumer lending, such as those by, is money lent (typically on a nonsecured basis) to a borrower or a person for numerous purposes, whether it’s for family, personal or household use.

Regulatory agencies of the government monitor these types of loans to ensure they comply with regulations on consumer protection like the Truth in Lending Act.

One of the most significant element that drives the economy is credit. Since credit brings about a rise in spending, it therefore also increases the levels of income in the economy which in turn directs to a higher gross domestic product (GDP) and thus result in a speedier productivity growth. If and when credit is utilized to acquire resources that are productive, it adds to the revenue and aids in progress of the economy. Moreover, credit further steers to the generation of debt cycles.

The Economy Benefits from Consumer Debt

Consumer debt also termed as consumer credit is what you owe, contrasted with what the government or a business owes. It could be borrowed from financial institutions, credit unions, as well as the federal government. It’s not easy for consumers to perceive debt as a piece of good fortune, since it signifies that they have a responsibility to pay off their lender from their salaries and earnings. It could as well denote acquiring charges in interest that are costly. However, debt could essentially be a positive aspect from the stance of the whole economy.

Consumer debt in the United States rose 5% to $4.09 trillion in May 2019. That exceeded the record of $4.07 trillion in June 2019.

$3.016 trillion was accounted to fixed-payment loans or non-revolving debt rising to 3.9%. Majority of these non-revolving debt is on auto and education loans wherein school debt reached $1.598 trillion and auto loans at $1.161 trillion in March 2019. On the other hand, credit card debt amounted to $1.072 trillion, rising 8.2% which topped the record of $1.02 trillion in 2008.

Consumer debt is a factor in the growth of the economy.  Provided that the economy raises, debt is more quickly paid back in the future, since your education lets you secure a job that pays better. That generates an ascending cycle, improving the economy all the more.

Downside of Debt

Although debt could be beneficial to the economy, it could be harmful as well, particularly for the borrower. If the economy is subjected to recession, you may lose your employment and may encounter defaults. This could mess up your credit rating, as well as your capability in the future to obtain loans. Even though the economy continues to be boom, you could acquire too much debt not because of poor spending practices but because of unforeseen and unwanted circumstance such as medical bills.

The wisest approach to evade the disadvantages of debt is to settle it every month. Moreover, save up at least six months’ worth of expenditure. This will protect you and give a breathing space in case of recession, unemployment, or unexpected expenses.

The Impact of Lenders to a Country’s Economy

Banks act as a bridge between people who need money to be used for investment and those who have spare. As industry and business demand huge investments, private financing is typically not enough for their requirements. Basically, these people are borrowing non-corporate as well as corporate loans from banks and commercial institutions.

Lending Options

In addition to banks, these can extend to retail loans among consumers who are seeking for mortgage, consumer durables and even to farmers who seek for farm credit to keep their agriculture alive. In regards to home loan buyers, buying a house at the start isn’t possible because it demands a significant amount of money and they find it more convenient to pay back the loan for a period of 30 years in lower monthly installments.

As for farmers, they find it more convenient in repaying the loan after making harvest and seeking for another loan or personal loan from Zebra loans for their next crop. Basically, the cycle just continues.

Then again, there are some people who opt to save and earn interests from the extra money that they have. Most of the time, these people are:

  • Salaried
  • Middle Classes
  • Small Savers and;
  • Corporate Institutions and Government Deposits

Simply speaking, these are at individual or micro level.

Credit Options of the Economy as a Whole

If we are going to look at these loans from a macro level, then we’ll find that banks are lending their money after statutory liabilities have been met. They are earning profit to keep their operations.

As a matter of fact, even governments are borrowing from RBI in an effort to meet budget deficits.

It is even borrowing from IMF as a way to meet balance of the imbalances of payments. Then again, governments are borrowing from World Bank or WB as well as its associates similar to IDA and ADB or Asian Development Bank for development purposes. Therefore, the credit serves as lubricant in keeping up with the continuous growth of the economy.

In spite of the positive impact it brings, there are elements of bank lending that could adversely affect the economy if it fail to recover. The unpaid bad debt is referred to as Non-Performing Advances which must be regulated to make sure that it is within the tolerable limit. If not, several banks will start to fail and the depositor’s money would be unpaid.

Turning Bad Credit in an Acceptable One with Tradelines

With so many consumers these days that are suffering from mountain of debt as well a bad credit, a lot of different companies have now started to mushroom. They seem to have a common denominator. It’s the fact that they’re promising to help boost your credit scores. Basically, you can see it for yourself by seeing personal tradelines for sale check this site out.

Take it in a Grain of Salt

On the other hand, no matter how good and well-placed advertising sounds promising or regardless of the promises that these companies made for you, it is imperative to be mindful about the risks of incorrectly using this approach of credit repair.

The most notable concern with this approach of repairing credit is the point that you have to put your social security number and your name as well as other personal and private information on a stranger’s financial account. While for some, it is not that big of a deal but think of this, you will have no control on how that person will pay their bill as soon as you’re added. In the event that the person you are assigned to for whatever reason has started paying late once you are added to their account, it will only add more damages to your already tainted credit report.

Do Your Research or Else…

This is the primary reason why it is imperative to do your homework on choosing the best tradelines to work with. Only these companies can ensure that your account will get improvement after signing up for their service.

Of course, the search process will not be easy, which is why your due diligence is extremely important. But so long as you do things correctly, you’ll be just fine.

The three biggest consumer reporting agencies started to catch up with the trend and their techniques changes along the way. Thus, paying 200 to 500 dollars to be added on someone’s established tradeline may not buy much of the score increase you seek. But your money can certainly be spent effectively.

Other Alternatives

Rather than allowing a fly-by-night to persuade and sell you on increasing your credit score using tradelines, consumers may check out other affordable options such as a self-credit repair kit. The repair kit will help them not just to increase their scores by eliminating negative balances but also, it will assist them in slowly improving their credit scores.

Working Capital : What is It and How is It Determined?

Working Capital has been defined in several different ways. Some call it the lifeblood of a going concern. Others define it by describing it as the amount of seed money invested in a business for purposes of meeting the day-to-day needs of “a going concern.” Some others refer to Working Capital as the Net Worth of a business, using the formula:

Working Capital = Total Current Assets – Total Current Liabilities

Yet for those who have very little or no idea about Current Assets and Current Liabilities, Working Capital as a concept may be difficult to discern. .

Understanding the Concept of Working Capital Elements

A business is a “:going concern” if it is in constant operation to generate sales. As such, its Working Capital will keep the business running continuously. The value of which is determined by the Current Assets and Current Liabilities of an entity.

Current Assets

Available business funds used to support the selling activities and to purchases sellable goods are simply labeled as Cash. If the business is a trading concern, the sellable goods are called Merchandise Inventory. Inventory may have other descriptions, such as Raw Materials, Raw Materials in Process or Finished Goods, Inventory by any other name is a Current Asset since they will likely be sold and converted into Cash within a short period of time.

In some instances, goods are sold on credit; denoting that the sale will not immediately increase available Cash. in such cases, sales on credit be distinguished by being classified as Account Receivable. Ideally, Accounts Receivables are collected within a short period of time so that they will immediately become part of Current Assets. .

When a “going concern” is having a good run, more than enough cash may be amassed. If so, it is a good practice to place extra funds in short-term investment instruments such as stocks, or bonds. That way, even excess money can have a chance to grow while invested. Collectively, they are classified as Marketable Securities. They can easily be sold or converted into cash, they also form part of the Current Assets of the business.

Take note that for an asset other than Cash, to form part of the Working Capital of a business, it must be Current or one that can be easily liquidated in cash form.

Current Liabilities

Current Liabilities include trade credits that allow businesses to procure inventory and other business necessities on short-term bases. Credit purchases do not earn interest for as long as the obligations are settled according to the terms of credit, which can be as short as 10 days or 180 days at the most.

In cases when a business is unable to generate additional cash funds by way of sales, fund may be secured by way of short-term loans. Payment terms include interests, and amortized monthly up to 12 months. Inasmuch as there is a need to settle obligations periodically in less than a year, they are also classified as Current Liabilities.

Total Current Liabilities are then deducted from the Total Current Assets when determining how much Working Capital is being used by a business.

Risks of Getting a Business Loan

Nowadays, the number of people who are venturing in to businesses are getting larger for each passing day. They choose to retire from their work and start to build their business. The reality is that, like most things in life, being a business owner does not always work out exactly how you expect it to work. The popular belief among entrepreneurs is that successful business owners control their time, so they can go on a vacation anytime they want.

If you think that it just simple, then you are wrong. You will not be able to start a business without a money or capital. However, most people want to take a risk and will apply for a small business loans to fund their business. While there are a lot of loans being offered by banks and institutions, it is important to vertaile lainoja and look for legit borrowers. However, there are also downside from getting a cash loan, so it is very important you consider them before signing on the dotted line and taking the money.

Here are some risks of getting a lone to fund your business: 

1. There is not always equality when creating online loans

If you are interested to apply for a loan, then you probably researched it online and you will notice that there are some loans that have unique terms. Instead of regular interest charges, they demand fees that you must also pay which will reflect on the beginning of your term. Meaning, yo will not be able to save during the pre-paying loan. Others also have high interest rates. 

2. Having Too Much Debt– Do you think you will be okay upon borrowing money? do you think you need not worry about getting bankrupt. Successful businesses even go bankrupt at some point. Also sometimes, there are some who made a business decision to borrow money more than they could afford. Always have a look at the financials behind the loan to make sure you will repay it easily.

3. Deciding to Risk your Assets- entrepreneurs put their asset on the line once they decide to invest on something. If you borrow money for your business you may have to put up collateral like your car or your home.

One must think carefully prior to making such a huge decision. Just because there is money to borrow anywhere does not mean you should. Always evaluate your finances and your financial capability to pay off your debt.

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